Mouse Haunt
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Game Engine & Backend Technology

Game and Backend Technology

Game Engine#

Mouse Haunt is built in Unreal Engine 5 alongside the following stack:
Chaos Destruction is Unreal Engine's high-performance physics and destruction system. With Chaos Destruction, users can achieve cinematic-quality visuals in real time in scenes with massive-scale levels of destruction and unprecedented artist control over content creation.
Example of what Chaos Destruction is capable of. (This is not Mouse Haunt in game footage)
Niagara VFX is a node-based programmable VFX system that helps artists to create everything from particle effects to fluid simulations and flocking behaviors. Want to generate the same type of effects used in Fortnite or create more compelling cinematics? Niagara has you covered.
Robust multiplayer framework for over two decades, Unreal Engine’s multiplayer framework has been battle-tested across many platforms and game types to produce some of the industry’s most engaging multiplayer experiences. Unreal Engine ships with a scalable and proven client/server architecture to bring instant viability to any project’s multiplayer component.


Cloud infrastructure: we trust AWS with our servers and database. We will have localized servers to deliver low latency to players across the globe.
Blockchain technology: our project is built with cross-chain technology in mind. We are running on BSC, but we already have the foundation that will allow us to integrate the game with Ethereum, Polygon, Elrond, Avalanche, Celo, and other EVM chains in the future.