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Our Team

We work with and hire only the best. Our experienced team is filled with high performance people that each excel in their respective area. That's why we have such a multinational team.
As we set conclude setting a strong basis for our game in 2021, we expect to rapidly expand in early 2022 to account for the explosion that we hope Mouse Haunt achieves.

Game development team

Pedro D'Andrea — CEO/Game Development Director
Pedro greatest passion is creating great experiences for other people. Pedro creates games since he can remember - from having his own counter-strike servers in the early 2000s to developing fully fleshed board games and then diving into the triple AAA gaming industry as a level designer for Halo: Infinite and Gears of War 5 - Pedro knows what makes a good game, and this is what Mouse Haunt stands for.
Daniel Portugal — CTO
Dani started his career as a Game Developer back in 2006. Since then he has had a multitude of experiences as a Software Engineer, IT Lead and worked in Publicity. Lately, since the last 4 years, Dani has been working as a Senior Solidity Engineer, doing Ethereum, solidity and multi-blockchain as well as being a Teaching Facilitator at MIT for the Blockchain: Disruptive Technology course
Andrés Camacho - Engineering Director
Andrés is an expert in software architecture and design. He has been programming professionally for 25 years, being a part of the internet tech dawn. He brings creative problem solving from his experience in many industries (government, advertising, global fintechs and ride-hailing companies). Lately, he has been working in the fintech industry, helping to revolutionize the credit market
Ye Li - Senior Economist
Professor Ye Li is an expert in cryptocurrency, money and banking, and network analysis. His research on token valuation and token-financed community growth is among the earliest in the field and has won awards from leading academic and policy institutions, such as Bank of Canada, European Central Bank, and Hong Kong Monetary Authority. Prof. Li currently teaches at the Ohio State and has a Ph.D. in finance and economics from Columbia University

Juliano Almeida - Senior Omnistack Engineer

Juliano is a long-time coder, starting his developer career around the 2000s. He has worked as a full stack engineer in web and mobile projects serving government, industries, insurance companies and banks. He is also a co-founder of two crypto startups. Juliano is an enthusiast, developer, researcher and holds a master's degree in Distributed Ledger & Blockchain technologies
Daniel Lima - Blockchain Engineer
Daniel is a Blockchain Engineer experienced in full stack development. He has worked at big companies, such as IBM and Accenture, and now integrates the blockchain team at MouseHaunt
Pedro Wanderley - Frontend Engineer
Pedro is a studious and focused developer on frontend in general and software architecture. He is passionate about technology, has been working on the cryptocurrency market in the past years, helping companies create their crypto platforms, keeping maintainable code and assuring friendly UI’s
Thomas Francis — Lead VFX/UI Artist
Thomas is Visual Effects Artist and Tech artist experienced in creating high quality AAA visual effects for mobile and PC platforms, delivering amazing VFX for AAA games.
Luis Matamoros — Lead 3D Artist
Luis Matamoros is a 3D artist and texturer that worked in Far Cry 6. An original creator of Mouse Haunt now leading a team of 30+ contractors creating content for Mouse Haunt. Murillo Sobral - Marketing strategist
Murillo has been a gamer since childhood, and has 7 years of experience in the sales market, specialising in optimization of paid media campaigns.

Paula Gagliardi - Marketing Manager

Paula 'Zelda' Gagliardi is our Marketing Manager who's been in this career for more than 7 years, currently responsible for our partnership and campaign opportunity, as well as supporting the Social Media and Community areas. She's super passionate about the gaming industry and has worked in places like Riot Games and Aquiris Game Studio in the past.
Rohit Mukherjee — Unreal Prodigy
Unreal Software Developer with a background in Cyber Security
Lan tong — 2D Artist
Lan Tong is the original 2D artist and creator of Mouse Haunt (2018).
Marina Lucio — Game Designer
6 years of game design experience, shipped Plants vs Zombies: Battle for Neighborville
Rafael Dabrowski - Audio Designer
Raf makes wonderful audio, knows technical audio and in-engine implementation.
Rafael Fernandes - Project Manager
Rafael is the bridge between all teams working on Mouse Haunt. He is an outstanding communicator, meeting and project organizer, and the hand guiding us towards success.
Daniel Jones - Economy Designer
Daniel has an engineering background and is deeply passionate about interactive experiences, making Mouse Haunt as fun and fair as possible.
Isabela Viana - Community Manager
Isabela has a Psychology degree and is a natural regarding virtual communication and events.
Marina Reis - Social Media Manager
Marina "Kyoni" Reis is graduated in Marketing Management, she is our Social Media Manager and coordinates all content and art focused in the community side.
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Andres Bilbao — Investor
Co-founder of Rappi After creating one of the first Unicorns in LATAM, Andres is full time dedicated to crypto
Caio Jahara — Business Advisor
Augmented reality pioneer Founder & CEO of
Antonio Viggiano — Blockchain/Solidity Developer
Bitcoin enthusiast since 2013 Founded and coded 2 crypto exchanges himself