Mouse Haunt
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Frequently asked questions. Please reach us out on Discord if you need help!
What is Mouse Haunt? Mouse Haunt is a multiplayer play-to-earn game where players collect NFTs, farm tokens, breed characters and build levels. In this revolutionary game, players play as the heroes, as the villains and as the architects of the castles.
How and when can I play Mouse Haunt? Mouse Haunt is currently available for download as the Beta. It's available for Android and PC and you can download it at
Will Mouse Haunt be cross-chain? Yes. Everything is built around cross-chain technology. We started with BNB chain due to it's low transaction fee and huge adoption.
How do I buy and sell boxes? You can buy at our official MHT Marketplace - It is necessary to connect your wallet in order to trade. - To trade, you'll need to have some BNB for the transactions' gas fee. - There is a 5% fee for the seller in order to use the marketplace to sell assets.
How do I buy game tokens ($MHT)? You can buy it through the direct link to Pancake on our website Video Tutorial
I sent tokens to the contract address/ incorrect address as a mistake, can I receive it back? No. That's a smart contract, and he team cannot touch what's in there, there's no way of getting those tokens back. The team will never be able to withdraw it, nor will anybody else. Unfortunately, that's the way smart contracts work, there's nothing we can do. Those tokens are forever lost to the world because it is not a proper wallet (that receives assets), but a contract.
How many NFTs do I need to have to play the game? How much does it cost? Are multi accounts and bots possible? The minimum is 1 mouse for Lock n' Loaded, and 1 mouse and 1 ghost (more info to be announced) for Castle Heist. You can check prices in our marketplace, all boosters have one playable mouse hero in both modes. We discourage using multi accounts.
Are there real life products and merchandise, like a t-shirt? We don't have any real life products yet. Many people in our community are asking for it and we thought about selling it in-game or at the marketplace, but the team is totally focused on launching and fulfilling the roadmap at this moment. Are the dates on the roadmap certain/ permanent? The roadmap should be seen as a guide and is not set in stone. Even though fulfilling the deadlines is our goal, our main priority is to deliver the best game and experience. It means that the roadmap is subject to adjustments as we go, either in advancing or postponing features.
If I close the app (computer or phone) will they still farm in the background? Yes, all the farming runs directly on the backend and not locally in your machine!
For how long each Mouse Hero can farm? Depends on their rarity:
Common: 3h
Rare: 4h
Epic: 5h
Legendary: 6h