Mouse Haunt
Play to Earn - Leagues and rewards


Mouse Haunt Universe will have multiple game modes and even fully fleshed new games. Our goal is to provide our players with the ability to use the same NFTs in many different games. For that we need a solid reward and league system so that players can know where they stand and how much they can earn.
We will provide players with 4 leagues to play in so that we can accommodate all types of players into Mouse Haunt. The 4 leagues will be Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum. Players earnings are related to which league they play in, were Platinum is the league that yields the most.
However, as per our motto "Here, fun comes first", we want to give a chance to players that either haven't joined early to get the rarest NFTs or aren't able to invest too much to also climb up. There will be a feature where the best skilled and top ranked players within the each league will gain special rewards every two weeks!

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