Mouse Haunt
Stashing Benefits
Mouse Haunt Stashing benefits
Mouse Haunt Stashing Benefits

Exclusive Discord chat

The MH Stashing category is hidden from the other Discord users. There, Stashers engage with other Stashers and the Mouse Haunt core team of experts.

Private AMAs (through Discord’s Private Stage)

The Mouse Haunt core team gets together with the Stashers in live events to answer questions and give everyone a voice.

Flyover Camera

In-game camera that is able to fly around the world of Lock and Load. Stashers may see the surroundings of the castle first hand and enjoy the amazing views.

Bonus Squad and Farming Bonus

MHT Stashers can have an extra (third) squad for the Lock and Load gameplay that comes with a farming power bonus, significantly increasing their earning. The Mouse rarities and farming bonus allowed for the third squad are tier-based, so the better your tier, the better the squad power.

Voting Power

Voting Power