Mouse Haunt
MHT Holder Membership

Maximize your Mouse Haunt experience by holding $MHT

The goal of this program is to balance our stashing program by getting closer to our token holders while at the same time giving back to the community. So here we go:

What is the Mouse Holder Membership program?

The Mouse Holder Membership program consists of different events, published every month, that brings benefits for our governance token holders. Membership prizes are based on the quantity of $MHT held by the members, which we call tier.
Our holding program has 8 different tiers. The more you hold, the bigger your tier and the bigger the benefit you’ll have.
The tiers and the amount of $MHT in each wallet that represent them are organized below:
Tier F > 0 MHT
Tier E > 150 MHT
Tier D > 300 MHT
Tier C > 600 MHT
Tier B > 1000 MHT
Tier A > 1500 MHT
Tier S > 2250 MHT
Tier SS > 5000 MHT

How the Program works:

For each Membership period, holders subscribe their wallets for validation. We calculate the amount of MHT in it every hour and get an average of MHT holdings throughout that time.
Example: you are applying for the first membership period in April. You have 2500 $MHT in your wallet, therefore your tier is S (see tier organization above), and you’ll get amazing benefits related to tier S. If you decide to go higher for the next period to accumulate even better benefits, work your way to 5000 $MHT. If you are between two tiers, the lower tier is the one that represents you — so if you have 4900 MHT, this is still tier S.
The benefit payout from Mouse Haunt is in the end of each time period. You better watch out, we may airdrop gifts at anytime!

✅ Membership benefits include:

  • Airdrops
  • Early access to Beta
  • Voting power in community decisions
  • Personalised features in game
  • Sale discounts
  • Bonus third Lock and Load squad
  • … and many more 🌎
You can even suggest future prizes, as we will probably run out of creative options!

How the MHT holding calculation works:

The Mouse Haunt team will calculate the amount of $MHT in your wallet as an average of 30 days.
Example 1: You are an early adopter of the MHT membership and verifies your wallet on the first day of program, with 300 MHT. If hold this amount, you’ll end with 300 MHT… therefore Tier D. Calculation: (amount day1 + D2 + D3…) / 30
(300 + 300 + 300…) / 30 = 300 MHT
Example 2: If you start holding while the program has been going on for 15 days and buy 300 your tier will automatically drop to tier E. Calculation: (amount day1 + D2 + D3…) / 30
(0 + 0 + …. + 300 …) / 30 = 150 MHT

How to register for the MHT holder membership:

For Discord users (suggested):
1- Go to #verify-wallet channel on Discord
2- Follow the instructions to get your tier verified by our bot “The Wizard”.
3- Wait until the bot calculates your tier and gives you the Discord special role based on it. You can check your tier by clicking on your username.
For external users:
Verify your wallet through Note that if you are not on Discord you'll have to calculate your tier manually.