Mouse Haunt

Mouse Haunt Stashing

MH Stashing is here! Players deposit MHT in a smart contract for the period of their choosing in order to get tier-based benefits. Stashing is done through the official website

Maximize your Mouse Haunt experience by Stashing MHT

The goal of the Mouse Haunt Stashing is to get closer to our token holders while at the same time giving back to the community!
Stashing is what brings cool benefits for our governance token holders. These benefits can be social, economic, and gameplay-wise. They are based on the quantity of $MHT held by our players vs amount of time, which we call Tier: SS; S; A; B; C; D; E; F.
Mouse Haunt Stashing is easy and flexible: You choose the amount you deposit and for how long, and get your tier benefits!

How to become a Stasher

1- Go to and follow the instructions to choose your MHT amount and time period
2- Go to Mouse Haunt's Discord at the channel #verify_address and follow the instructions to verify your wallet with our bot, "The Wizard". The bot will give you a Stasher Discord role.

How the tier system works:

The vision is simple: You can invest more for less time or invest less for more time for the same tier. See the table below for the detailed options:

Table interpretation:

Columns: MHT stashed
Rows: Days you are stashing for
For example, 2500 MHT for 150 days achieves Tier S (column 5, row 5)
  • In the past, if you had 1000 MHT you could only be tier B. Now, you can go up to tier S by holding the same value for 180 days.
  • Tier SS (the highest) is only achievable with a minimum lock of 90 days.

Start and end period of each Stash:

The period starts when you lock the tokens and ends when the amount of days expires, marking the end of the contract.
Holders have 24 hours to relocate the tokens otherwise the contract starts again and they are locked for another period. For example, if the player locks 1000 MHT for 30 days (tier E) and doesn’t withdraw it after these 30 days upon the contract expiration, the tokens will be re-stashed for another 30-days period so that the player doesn’t lose their Tier.
The renovated contract is independent from the older contract, therefore in the situation above the player’s tier remains at Tier E.

How to go up tiers:

Players can add $MHT on top of a pre-existing stash in order to accumulate tokens and go up tiers. Careful though, because this sum only works when the second stash is for a period higher (or equal to) the previous one.
That is, lower time frames balances do not sum with higher time frames balances, and higher time frames balances sum with lower time frames balances.
Example 1:
  • I stash 1000 MHT for 180 days (Tier S)
  • Then I stash 1500 MHT for 150 days (Tier A)
  • Total: 2500 MHT for 150 days (Tier S)
Description: Since 150-days is not greater or equal than 180-days, it does not sum on the 180-days time frame. It means that there would be no advantage in the second stash because the Tier remains the same as in the first stash.
Example 2 (other way around):
  • I stash 1000 MHT for 150 days (Tier A)
  • Then I stash 1500 MHT for 180 days (Tier S)
  • Total: 2500 for 150 days (Tier S)
Description: 180-days is greater than 150-days, therefore whatever you deposit in the 180-days lane will be added to what you have in the 150 lane.


  • What is the difference between “staking” and “stashing”? Stashing is slightly different from staking. Staking works more or less like a savings account where you deposit 100 and withdraw 110 a while later. In Stashing, the amount you lock in a smart contract gives you in-game benefits. So you deposit 100 and that makes your mice farm more in an extra squad, for example. The plan is to give those who play our game really cool perks, which can also change over time based on everyone’s needs.
  • What happens if I stash 1000 tokens for 60 days (tier D) but I don’t actively withdraw when the 60 days end? Your tokens get locked again and you start another period of 60 days. You are still tier D because the contract renovates automatically. Tip: Set an alarm to remember yourself to withdraw!
  • If I have 1000 MHT locked for 60 days (tier D) but in the middle of the period I add 1500 MHT for 30 days on top of the 1000 MHT, will I become Tier C for the time I have left? No, because in this situation the sum is 2500 MHT for 30 days (Tier D). You’d have to extend the second stash period to 60-days in order to become C.