Mouse Haunt

MHT Deposit

Reinvest, get bonuses!
Done through
Items in-game can only be purchased with MHT in-game, this means that you can purchase levels and ranks without paying withdraw taxes, for example.
If you don't have enough MHT farmed, fear not, you can deposit MHT from your metamask to the Mouse Haunt game. Doing so allows you to reinforce your team, boost your ability to farm, and if you buy the bundle, you can get more MHT that you paid for!
Pay less, Get more!
It is important to note that MHT deposited cannot be withdrawn.
Your MHT in-game is composed of 3 sources:
  • Deposited MHT, MHT that you directly reinvested in the game,
  • Available MHT, MHT that was farmed before today and not yet withdrawn,
  • Locked MHT, MHT that was farmed today.
When purchasing items in-game, the MHT spent comes from theses sources, in this order (there is a known bug on this process).