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$MHT withdrawal


🐭 The art of $MHT withdrawal

You can withdraw any $MHT farmed after a 24h period has passed, following what we call D-1 system.
The withdraw system involves 2 fees: Recycling fee and burning fee.
  • The recycling fee’s purpose is to go back to the game pool. It starts at 45.5% and progressively lowers for each day that passes. This means that the longer you hold the tokens in your game account, the less fees you’ll pay upon withdrawing. The recycling fee reaches zero on D-21 (21 days after you farmed them).
  • The burning fee is fixed and represents the percentage of tokens to be destroyed (burned) on each withdraw, therefore decreasing the supply of MHT and increasing its scarcity. The burning fee percentage of 4.5% was determined by our MHT holders!
The withdraw system is an important deflationary measure and a market standard. We are proud to have developed this feature in-house and we’re glad to be able to launch it together with the P2E.