Mouse Haunt
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Macro Economy

We want to create a strong, long-lasting economy for the Mouse Haunt Universe. For that we are launching 2 types of coins: a deflationary token that has finite supply - Mouse Haunt Token ($MHT); and an in-game currency that is inflationary and has an infinite supply - Mouse Cheese ($Yore)
The first token available is the Mouse Haunt Token ($MHT). As we build our ecosystem, we launch the Mouse Haunt Universe with one token and one core game to value our early adopters and to create a solid base for our universe.
For Phase 4 2021 and beginning of Phase 1 2022, $MHT will be the only token available. $MHT will be the sole reward for players in our Lock and Load game mode, allowing early players and investors to grow their bags consistently in that time period.
As we move forward, our intention is to shift the purpose of $MHT to be a governance token that represents financial stake and voting power in DAOs when staked.
We will do this all the while maintaining our players’ NFT value by increasing the purpose of them. A Legendary NFT will always be a Legendary NFT and great to use in any of the upcoming games and game content releases.
We want our players to be able to customize their Mouse Heroes, their Ghosts, their Castles and all the upcoming features. To be able to support this blossoming economy we will launch our second coin - infinite supply Mouse Cheese ($Yore).
This new infinite supply coin will be a medium of exchange. It allows us to have much more freedom in adding mechanics that require burn, such as breeding and upgrading NFTs and to be more lenient with rewards for our game modes and league system.
Furthermore, overtime we plan to reduce the amount of players that reach rewards of $MHT through play-to-earn by focusing on top players, championships and live operations events.
We will always strive to build a strong and healthy ecosystem.

In game assets