Mouse Haunt

Castle Heist Reward System


Mouse Haunt - Castle Heist is our classic team-based PVP mode. Three players start as Mouse Heroes, and one player starts as a Ghost. They battle their way further in procedurally generated castles for a shinning pot of $MHT and $MCHEESE.
Mouse Haunt is fun at all times, so if a Mouse Hero dies at the beginning of a match or at the end they still get rewarded. We want to highlight the unique features of our game by having a reward system that reinforces the best part of Mouse Haunt - a thrilling gameplay.
4 players gameplay. 2 Ghost Villains and 2 Mouse Heroes

Reward System

Players get points while playing as Mouse Heroes and as Ghost Villains. That means that being a great player gets you more tokens independently of which team you are part of.
As a Mouse, you want to vanquish the haunted castle so you accumulate points by how far they get in the castle. Being the last survivor and making clutch plays such as diving in front of your teammates to save them will give you extra points at the end of the match.
As a Ghost, you want to get rid of those pesky Mouse Heroes, so you gain points by damaging and killing the Mouse Heroes. You also get extra points at the end of the match for stylish kills, slaying the most number of Mouse Heroes, and doing it in record time.
All the points are tallied up at the end of the match and a certain number of tokens is distributed between the players accordingly. Each match has a fixed pool of $MHT and $MCHEESE to be given - determined by the league of that match. Higher leagues have bigger token pools as a reward.
MHT Chest