Mouse Haunt

Free Ranks and Levels Event

Showing that we care!
For the launch of the Level Up Feature, we are giving Levels and Ranks for Mouse Heroes that have farmed since the beginning of the game!
This is our way of thanking the community for believing in the project and in us.
We are giving XP according to the following rules:
  • All Mouse Heroes that farmed at least 1 MHT in their lifetime are eligible;
  • Total XP given per players is proportional to total MHT farmed on their account since launch;
  • The total XP is then distributed to the player's Mouse Heroes proportional to how much they have farmed in their lifetime;
    • Mouse Heroes outside of the player's inventory (such as in Marketplace) are not eligible because they are not in the player's wallet.
  • There is a XP cap per rarity, being:
    • Legendary: can receive XP up to Rank 7, Level 3.
    • Epic: can receive XP up to Rank 3, Level 4.
    • Rare: can receive XP up to Rank 2, Level 3.
    • Common: can receive XP up to Rank 1, Level 0.
      If your Mouse Heroes achieved this cap, Congratulations!