Mouse Haunt

Characters Level Up

While you enjoy Mouse Haunt's Game Modes, your characters will level up over time.
As you use them, they will gain Experience Points (XP) and increase in Level and Rank. All characters can level up, improve, and increase in value over time!

Which Characters can level up?

All of them! Your Mouse Heroes, Ghost Villains, Weapons, and Lands! Every Character/NFT levels up as it's used.

Levels and Ranks

Your characters reach maximum levels when XP is no longer enough to bring them any higher - but that doesn't mean they're done growing! With a small infusion of MHT, you can Rank Up your characters, greatly increasing their stats and letting you level up all over again for better and better stats.

What stats are affected when levelling up?

Each game mode requires different things from your Characters, so it's only fitting that level up increases different things.
For Lock and Load, levelling and ranking up increases Stamina and Base Farm. Stamina is for how long your Character can farm without resting. Ranking means that you have to come back to check on your character less often. Level and rank effects are displayed as a flat increase, in seconds.
Base Farm is the stat that we use to define the base farming ability, with all other factors, such as synergy or squad bonuses are used as multipliers. Increasing base farm by a % means that your overall farm increases by a equivalent %. Level and rank effects are displayed as a % of increase over the base farm.

How do Characters get XP?

There are multiple ways of progressing and growing your Characters. Playing with each of your characters provides passive XP gain. For example, Mouse Heroes gain XP while looting on Lock and Load or playing PVP matches in Castle Heist. For the most engaged players, we provide another even faster way of accruing XP - exchanging MHT that players have on their wallet or have farmed in-game to XP, so that they can level up faster and increase their earning potential.

Not all Characters are created equal

Different Rarities of Characters have different XP Multipliers! Higher rarities gain XP faster and improve farther.

How to Level Up?

Levelling Up and Ranking Up launched for Lock and Load (PVE) during Phase 3 2022. It is a process done in-game and using the tokens that your Mouse Heroes and Ghosts just farmed.
Note that the MHT in-game used to level up wasn’t withdrawn to any wallet yet and can therefore be used seamlessly to upgrade your characters. Best of all, there are no fees to do so.
Simply click on your character and choose the option to “Level Up” on the down right. You can either choose to upgrade it to the next level or do a major shortcut to its maximum.
Level Up in game option

What happens if my in-game balance is not enough to upgrade a character?

The process of levelling up automatically uses MHT in-game ( to upgrade a character. But it’s very easy to deposit MHT into your in-game account as needed. This process is done either by transferring MHT from Metamask or by a direct purchase of MHT with BUSD.
Important: Tokens that you deposit in-game should be meant exclusively for levelling up and cannot be withdrawn afterwards.
Deposit MHT in-game