Mouse Haunt
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Audit, Treasury, and DAO


$MHT MouseHauntToken
Contracts were audited and you can find the full report below:

Treasury and DAO

A percentage of all booster sales and in-game transactions will go to the Treasury.
Mouse Haunt will be a community game, full of events, tournaments and competitions of all kinds.
Much of this $MHT in treasury will be used to ensure that we have what it takes to reward players at the top of the Leaderboards in the different game modes, as well as promoting global and regional tournaments frequently.
DAOs will be held to determine where the token from the Treasury will be invested.
Remember that Treasure Tokens are intended to create a competitive scenario and, above all, fun. $MHT holders will be able to actively participate in decisions and even offer suggestions on how to distribute these Tokens to the community.