Mouse Haunt
Mouse Cheese - $MCHEESE
Mouse Cheese ($MCHEESE) is an earnable in-game coin that allows players to interact with many systems within Mouse Haunt. This coin has the purpose of empowering players with choices - it can be earned by playing matches and can be used in-game on items of the player's choice. Any player can naturally play the game and have fun while gaining MCHEESE that later can be spent in any of the many systems the game offers.
$MCHEESE feels very familiar to traditional Web 2.0 players since it is not a cryptocurrency and cannot be directly traded in any open market. This is an important step in welcoming more and more players to our ecosystem so they can enjoy Mouse Haunt for its innovative gameplay.
Players can use $MCHEESE to upgrade their characters by leveling them up, acquiring consumables to use in the heat of the battle, buying exclusive cosmetics and skins to manifest their personalities in-game and many more upcoming features.
$MCHEESE is not just earnable from playing the game, but can also be purchased directly through fiat on our website or through in-app purchases, although this is completely optional.
The $MCHEESE coin is a great asset for both Web 2.0 and Web 3.0 players. For the traditional gamers, it offers easy onboarding with a comfortable economy and the ability to grow and customize their characters. For the crypto driven 3.0 players, $MCHEESE can be used to upgrade NFTs and acquire items that will then directly increase their earn of $MHT.
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