Mouse Haunt


The Mouse Universe
The Haunted Castle
The 2 towns of Squeakton and Deepditch were historically untroubled, the first ruled by a Royal Family with their own army and the second full of farmers and peasants. In between the two towns, the forest with an abandoned castle in the background. There lived a baron called Yore, who, obsessed with eternal life, used dark magic to create an eternal cheese that would always keep him alive. But the dark magic consumed him and he was transmitted to the cheese, being trapped forever inside what would be known as the Fragrant Cheese of Yore.
The essence of the baron of Yore kept growing inside the cheese, transforming into a putrid, green mass that lingered in the air inside of the castle. From this putrid mass full of dark magic grew ethereal things (ghosts!) that would protect their magical source of power as if it was their master: The Stench.
Years later, a young mouse was challenged by the queen of Squeakton to invade the haunted castle and destroy the Cheese of Yore, as its fragrant smell full of dark magic had brought a plague over the fields and sickness to the kingdom. This young mouse is no other than Sir Emmett, member of the order of knights and the most loyal to the royal family.
Sir Emmett made his way through the forbidden forest, enchanted by wizards to prevent the path to the castle from being found, but whose spells lost strength as time went by. Before the gates of the castle, he managed to make his way inside by climbing the stone walls and sliding through a crack found in one of the towers. The moment he set foot inside the castle, the Stench perceived his essence, attracting him with its delicate yet strong smell of cheese.
“I will put an end to the Stench. For the queen!” he declared'.
"Why for the queen only... if there are so many who suffered from the plague already?" replied a feminine voice coming suddenly from behind Sir Emmett, who turned around with his sword in hand.
Sir Emmett meets Lady Bleu
There she was, leaning against the dark walls of the castle with a gun in hand, ignoring the sword pointed at her face. Sir Emmett lowered the sword as fast as his short arms could and asked what a member of the aristocracy was doing in such a dangerous place. He felt the need to protect and take her back to the kingdom where she belonged - but that would be no easy feat.
Lady Bleu took a small breath and turned to him, her eyes reflecting the moon outside. She said "The Stench killed my pet, the big black bear owned by the Bleu Family for years. My mission in this castle is of pure revenge. Don’t underestimate me, Emmett... I will avenge my Teddy!".
Sir Emmett and Lady Bleu are only 2 of the main characters in this story. As they spent time in the haunted castle looking for the cheese and the Stench, more intriguing characters showed up to join in the same mission:
Doctor Roquefort, a maniac physician who lost his sanity to the Stench and had been trapped in the woods for months, following the intoxicating smell of the Stench with the sole purpose of devouring the source of the aromas that drove him there.
Captain Camembert, a war veteran who lived through many wars, gaining notoriety on the front lines for his ruthlessness and natural skill in warfare. The brutality of the many wars left Camembert emotionally scarred for life and drained of emotion. He was secretly in search of the Stench as a suicide mission, though he wouldn't let anyone die before him if he could help it.