Mouse Haunt
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Development History

Mouse Haunt was born in 2018 out of blood, sweat and tears of 6 dedicated game developers. It was created as a final project in a game design school in Canada. The six students were from different nationalities: Brazil, China, Ecuador, Finland, Mexico and Turkey, coming together to build something incredible and unique.
The game quickly became a benchmark for all other student projects - and that was just the beginning. They were invited to travel to the US and participate in Dreamhack Atlanta to pitch their game and try to score a publishing deal.
Mouse Haunt was a finalist for game pitch championship and met with several possible publishers. But one thing was still in the game's way to finally go public: The publishing deals that were offered were savage, leaving the developers with no money from the sales until the initial publisher investment was fully paid and plus 70% of profit for life after going live were the deal on the table. Those predatory numbers were a dream shattering experience for them.
Game developers need to pay rent just like other human beings, so they all went to work in the game industry. Gladly for them, there were no challenges in getting jobs at triple AAA gaming industries and work on games such as Halo Infinite, Gears of War, Magic the Gathering and Tekken... after all, they had created a masterpiece by themselves.
Award - Best Game Design
The Mouse Haunt team kept working on the project on their free hours as it was their dream and most loved project. There was something magical in Mouse Haunt.
3 years later, we come together once more after gaining even more game development experience in the triple AAA game industry. A revamped team resurges around Mouse Haunt to leverage the crypto world using it as a tool for engaging the community in an economy that both enriches the quality of the game and values the time of our players by providing a fun and rewarding experience.
We won't depend on publishers. We won't give our IP away. We stand together, and the quality of our game will speak for itself. This is our world, where the community has ALL the power in our hands. We welcome you to the Mouse Haunt Universe, and we hope that you welcome us as well.