Mouse Haunt
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NFT Minting

You can use a booster or a box to mint a Mouse Haunt NFT (available from Feb 25th 2022 on your inventory). You can also buy and sell these assets freely through our marketplace. To catch up to our upcoming events on booster and boxes sales or airdrops, follow us on discord!

Mouse Boosters and Boxes

Boxes for Mouse Heroes
You can use a Mouse Box to mint a Mouse Hero NFT. By doing so, the Box is opened and destroyed, and a fresh Mouse Hero is born and added to your inventory.

Mouse Drop Rates

Mouse Box Contracts

Legendary Booster - $BMHTL - 0x29421DF4FEAA2ff2eA08b7A8F221425C8aFD424C Epic Booster - $BMHTE - 0x2DE83F4243ff0200624a44011777a373aF7E9f72 Rare Booster - $BMHTR - 0x9b0D5A9e64aD9461f4D5B6E893FBf8655d21CBE4 Genesis Booster - $BMHTG - 0x6700A1d1FCD32ac8749124648B4e89DdA12dfa6d Heroic Box - $BMHTH - 0x78371a555a669Ffac6513E7d6e7580E38CB6D369

Ghost Tombstones

Tombstones for Ghost Villains
Similar to Mouse Heroes, you can use a Tombstone to mint a Ghost Villains NFT (available soon!).

Ghost Drop Rates

Ghost Box Contracts

Legendary Box - $BMHVL - 0xC5d0d5bf3201a06612F98373c4a5987213d9dF63 Epic Box - BMHVE - 0xF97C704E45DDff19AD5bD0811b940A82Bf6bd8d5 Rare Box - BMHVR - 0x6d1c5c3E83F8fF226b0b19986AdA364d819606F6 Cursed Box - BMHVC - 0xEB96FB66F1394D4F0ca115d3311F7042cd1BB285