Mouse Haunt

Ghost Villains

Death is not the End!
Legendary Ghost Villain Dishonest Rapper Alestra


Ghost Villains are NFTs that you can use within the Mouse Haunt universe. They are Mouse Heroes that perished in the Castle. In Mouse Haunt, Death is not the End. This means that a fallen mouse doesn't only come back, but comes back with a vengeance!
Similar to Mouse Heroes, you will be able to use them in Lock and Load, Castle Heist and upcoming game content. Each Ghost Villain is an unique asset minted in the blockchain that once purchased lives in the player's wallet.


Rarities for Ghost Villains are the same as for Mouse Heroes: Common, Rare, Epic and Legendary. The rarity does not interfere with the baseline Ghost stamina bar, which is the same for all Ghosts, but it does interfere with the maximum size it can ger: Higher rarities will have bigger stamina bars, meaning they can stay longer in the Castle and earn more tokens. Higher rarities will also have an increased number of traits (2 instead of 1), which makes them more advantageous if you're looking for synergy combos to increase your earn rate. The traits distribution is determined by the Mouse Hero outfit and is directly tied to their rarity level.

Outfit and Traits

Ghost Outfit and Traits

The Ghost Villain outfit is the ultimate expression of who they are in the after life. They have unique personalities and their clothes reflect that. Legendary ghost villains have complete outfits, meaning they always have matching hat and torso. The other rarities have different combinations: some will have unmatching clothes, some will have legendary hats and some will have chances of getting legendary torsos. The personality traits not only showcase your Ghost personality, but also can be used to gain squad synergy with other Ghost Villains (and Mouse Heroes).
But be careful: Ghosts with the same outfit do not like each other. This means that on the Lock and Load mode, Legendary/Epic Ghost Villains with the same outfit will not have synergy bonus.