Mouse Haunt

Characters and NFTs

Mouse Haunt is a hybrid game that appeases all gamers - traditional 2.0 and the blockchain 3.0 adopters.
Players can start playing the game without having any blockchain knowledge whatsoever and have a blast playing as Mouse Heroes or Ghost Villains. Their characters will level up, improve and get stronger. However, the Mouse Haunt Universe is bigger and better than traditional games, so we give our players much more by giving them the option to engage with Mouse Haunt's established blockchain infrastructure. Players can convert their characters to NFTs. They gain true ownership of their characters, become able to earn cryptocurrency and also trade their NFTs.
The Mouse Haunt Universe has two main sets of characters: Mouse Heroes and Ghost Villains.
The Mouse Heroes are the good guys of the story, and are after the Ancient Cheese of Yore - the oldest cheese in the universe. They have their shotguns in hand, ready to blast through the haunted castle while using their movement abilities to dodge the dangerous Ghost Villains.
The Ghost Villains are on the other side, doing everything in their power to kill the invading rodents in order to protect the stinky cheese, that is so smelly that gave live to the Ghosts. These Villains can posses any object within the castle and throw them at the Heroes, and also they have the power to active deadly traps such as suits of armors and fireplaces to stop the Mice.
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