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Ghost Villans in Lock and Load

Ghosts will have their own squad in Lock and Load, with the maximum of 3 Ghosts per squad.

Farming Potential

In Lock and Load, Ghost Villains do not compete with Mouse Heroes like in the other game modes because their objective is the same: to farm tokens.
Ghosts have a higher base farm, better synergy bonuses and are stronger in higher synergy combinations. Let's break it down:

Base Farm

Similar to Mouse Heroes, the Ghost Villains' base farm depends on their rarity, with Common having the lowest base farm and Legendary having the highest.
Ghosts can also be Leveled Up to greatly increase their power. (read more about it in Characters Level Up)
Ghost Villains base farm can be up to 500% that of Mouse Heroes.

Synergy Bonus

Synergy is calculated with the characters' matching traits and their rarities, as explained in details here: Synergy Bonus Calculation
Ghost Villains have different rarity weights than Mouse Heroes.
Depending on the synergy that you are making, Ghosts with lower rarities (Commons and Rares) contribute less to synergies than low rarity Mouse Heroes, while higher rarities Ghosts (Epics and Legendaries) contribute more to synergy.
Try synergizing high rarity Ghosts with your favorite Mouse Heroes to boost their farm!

Synergy Combinations

Synergy bonus calculation takes in account the combination itself, like 3a3b or 2a2b2c. (Need a refresher? Possibilities breakdown) Ghost Villains have a key difference from Mouse Heroes in this regard, which is that they perform as well in higher combinations, like 3a3b and 3a2b, but perform a bit worse in lower combinations, like 2a or 3a. This does not mean that they will farm less, just that their relative bonus from lower synergies is lower.
An interesting observation is that the dead is not jealous of the living, meaning that outfit rules do not apply between Mouse Heroes and Ghost Villains. A Legendary Pirate Mouse and a Legendary Pirate Ghost can synergize perfectly. Throw another Character with #Adventurer and #Greedy in the mix and you got a 3a3b synergy, just like that, thus reaching never seen before farming potential.