Mouse Haunt

Lock 'n Load: P2E

Idle Game with Team management mechanics
Lock and Load is the first entry to the Mouse Haunt gaming universe. Before your Mouse Heroes are ready to storm in the Castle Heist gameplay, they will gather some of the supplies and prepare for the incoming heist. In the Lock and Load game mode, your Characters will explore a level of the castle, destroy chests and collect the MHT kept inside. Characters also get tired so make sure you keep your team's stamina level well rested so they can collect as many tokens as possible.
The Lock and Load alpha successfully launched on March 2022. The Beta game version launched right after on April 2022 and it's the first Mouse Haunt game version with full-on play-to-earn capabilities.
Lock and Load was a very important milestone for the Mouse Haunt Team. Making a good blockchain integrated game is a huge challenge, so the team decided to reduce scope in the game development side while focusing efforts in all the blockchain infrastructure and security surrounding the core player experience. Therefore, Lock and Load is only available for users that own Character NFTs on the blockchain (the Castle Heist PVP version is coming for non-blockchain users as well).
Lock and Load is played with Characters, that can be either Mouse Heroes or Ghost Villans. Having a good mix of both will increase drastically your farming potential.


Get ready to Lock 'n Load!
Lock and Load is a collectible and team management game, where each player gets to build squads using their purchased NFTs. Each squad has a maximum number of 3 characters, but players can also play the game with just one Character. You send your Characters into missions to invade the haunted castle and find treasure chests filled with $MHT. They search and destroy these chests, bringing home real cryptocurrency and earning for their masters. A tired mouse is a lazy mouse so make sure to send your characters back to rest whenever their stamina runs out, so they can comfortably recharge their energy more efficiently. If you forget a tired mouse sleeping on the floor of the castle - fear not - they will also get some sleep, only not as fast as the ones resting.
The stamina of each Character depends on their rarity, level and rank, where higher rarities have longer stamina bar making them really great at getting goods from the haunted castle. Optimize your team with higher rarity and rank NFTs to increase your $MHT farming.


For the Lock and Load mode, every player starts with three standard squads of three Characters each, for a total of 9 Characters simultaneously.
The Squads are limited by the character type, being:
Squad 1: Ghost Villans only Squad 2: Ghost Villans and Mouse Heroes (Mixed) Squad 3: Mouse Heroes only
By Stashing MHT, players can unlock an additional squad of three more Characters, which farms even more than the standard ones. The exact bonus can be found here: Stashing Benefits This squad can be composed of both Ghost Villans and Mouse Heroes. (Stasher only) Squad 4: Ghost Villans and Mouse Heroes
Squad examples
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