Mouse Haunt

Design Pillars

Mouse Haunt's strong base

Thrilling Gameplay

Mouse Haunt provides a thrilling experience to every player throughout the play session. The game excels in making it’s peaceful moments feel fun by building up tension that unmistakably erupts in a satisfying high-action beat.
This feeling is achieved by interactive music that reflects the intensity of the moment and the amount of information that the players have. Mice players don’t have a lot of information and must always be aware, looking for clues as where the ghosts can attack next. The ghost players have plenty of information and are constantly strategizing for the best moment to surprise their enemies.

Everything is either a Threat or an Opportunity

Every object that is inside the Mouse Haunt Castle can be interacted with, and that means different things for mice and ghosts. For the mice, every object is a threat to their life therefore they feel vulnerable most of the time. For the ghosts, every prop is an opportunity to kill the mice, so they are able to plan their moves more clearly thus feeling powerful most of the time.

The control of the pacing shifts between the two teams

To keep the gameplay interesting and appealing for both teams, the victory must be achievable at all times for every player at any given moment. A perfectly balanced gameplay would make the game less thrilling, which goes against the game pillars.
Instead of making two teams equally powerful, the strength and weaknesses of the teams shifts during gameplay, ultimately shifting the control of the pacing.
At the start of the game the proportion of mice to ghost is high, so the mice have more control of the game. Towards the end of the game, the number of ghosts increases because mice have died, shifting the control of the pacing to the ghosts.
Level design plays an important role in this sense. Level geometry, line of sight, prop positioning and the overall danger level of rooms are used to indirectly control the death ratio of mice, assuring the pacing shift during gameplay.

Target Audience

Mouse Haunt's thrilling atmosphere is perfect for thrill lovers. People that like suspenseful situations and unexpected outcomes are to have a great time playing the game. Mouse Haunt is targeted for players of all genders who are adults, young adults or teenagers.
Mouse Haunt’s cartoonish visuals bring a light and welcoming feel to the game, and makes a great pair with the action-packed fright and thrill. It culminates in a game approachable for anyone who wants to have fun and surprising moments with their friends.
Mouse Haunt finds a spot on the market between more hardcore bullet hells and family friendly couch co-ops.