Mouse Haunt
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Dodgeball Reward System

The Dodgeball game mode is the latest addition to the Mouse Haunt gaming universe!
In Dodgeball, you can play for free as much as you want, or compete with others for real $MHT!

Use NFTs, Play and Earn!

Playing Dodgeball with NFTs always rewards you with Reward Chests, so you can improve your Characters while training for your next $MHT match. They can contain:
  • Experience Points (XP)
  • Leaderboard Points (LP)
  • Consumables (Rank Up potions, Trait Rerolls, etc.)
  • NFT Shards
  • $MHT
  • Other currencies
Better Rarities and higher Ranks gain better Reward Chest, with more XP, more LP and better odds of exclusive items.
Winning or losing the match affects the contents of your Reward Chest.


Only NFTs can gain Leaderboard Points.
Winning or losing, your NFTs gain Leaderboard Points (LP) when playing. This points reflect your individual performance in the game, such as how many Mouse Heroes you killed or stunned, successful hits with a possessable objects and traps, and other metrics.
Higher rarities and ranks get a multiplier to LP!
The NFTs with highest Leaderboard Scores will be displayed in the game and on our website. NFTs that rank highest in the season will receive ultimate bragging rights and seasonal rewards.
(The features on this page are a work in progress, subject to change without notice before launch.)