Mouse Haunt

Consumables and Equipment

Improve your chances and be rewarded
Consumables are single-use items that you can buy, receive as rewards or gain on missions. They have a number of effects such as helping your characters on a fight, increasing your $MHT farm or ranking up you Characters.
Equipment are items of multiple uses that can be equipped on Characters. They can range from weapons, keys, and customizations.
Here is a brief description on our current items and their effects.

Rank Up Potion

Smells weird, but it'll make you stronger, I guarantee
This potion, when given to a Character, increases their Rank by one, while maintaining the current level. Characters of Rank Scarlet (7) or above cannot use the potion.

Mouse Soul Extractor

I mean, it's not my fault they became a Ghost, right?...
Death is not the end, it is the pathway to a potent farming. Use the Extractor to sacrifice a Mouse Hero NFT and convert it into a new Ghost Villain NFT of the same rarity, with random traits. The new Ghost's levels and ranks go back to 0.

Trait Reroll

Don't like your traits? Try your luck!
Bad luck? Now players can reroll the traits of Mice and Ghosts to create the perfect squad synergy. This item rerolls all traits of the character. This permanently changes the traits of your character.
  • Legendary Character (2 traits): Changes both traits to randomly assigned traits.
  • Epic Character (2 traits): Changes both traits to randomly assigned traits.
  • Rare Character (1 or 2 traits): Randomly assign between 1 or 2 traits. Characters have 25% chance of ending up with 1 trait and 75% of 2 traits.
  • Common Character (0 or 1 trait): Randomly assign between 0 or 1 traits. Characters have 15% chance of ending up with 0 traits and 85% of 1 trait.
The Character’s outfit doesn't change! This means that players can get unique new synergies.

Mysterious Chests (Rare, Epic and Legendary)

Uuuhh, shiny!
You know what is cooler than a Legendary Mouse Hero? A custom unique looking Legendary Mouse Hero! This chests do not come often, appearing only during events and difficult missions. Each chest contains a customization unique to the event or mission, and it comes in different rarities, Legendary, Epic or Rare. Farm and win in style!

Access Tickets (Diamond and Platinum)

This ticket gives you access to the P2E phase of Dodgeball before other players! This ticket can be used by the player or given to friends, and it is used on the account itself.
  • Diamond Ticket: Get access 30 days before it is open to the general public.
  • Platinum Ticket: Get access 15 days before it is open to the general public.