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Exclusive NFTs with Global bonuses!

What is a Collection?

Collections are limited-time sets of NFTs with an unique theme. Items in a collection can be Mouse Heroes, Ghost Villains or other NFTs, like upcoming collectible cards or Lands.
These collections are tied to limited-time events with beginning and end dates, such as the Christmas Collection Event, that goes from Dec 16th, 2022 to January 6th, 2023 at

What are the benefits of having Christmas Collection NFTs?

Seasonal collectables have special properties such as Global Farming Bonus (up to 30%), Seasonal Art, Favorable Synergy Packs, and better Drop Rates.
That is not all: we have plans to expand the seasonal collections and introduce permanent collector bonuses. Note that these items will not be sold again in the future - Christmas Boxes are only available until January 06th 2023.
Collection items have their main function unchanged, for example the Christmas Collection NFTs that are Mouse Heroes and Ghost Villains farm, gain levels, ranks and XP normally.

Christmas Collection 2022

The 2022 Christmas Collection is available for sale in from Dec 16th 2022, to January 6th 2023.
This collection is composed of Mouse Heroes and Ghost Villans NFTs of 6 outfits plus 1 exclusive Christmas outfit, the Legendary Reindeer.
Each slot in the collection corresponds to an outfit, and can be filled by either Mouse Heroes or Ghost Villains. Each outfit grants you Global Farm Bonus. Filling all slots grants a the completion bonus of 16%. All you need to do is to have the seasonal NFTs in your wallet to reap the rewards.
The Global Farm Bonus is accrued during the day and added to your tokens on the end of every farming cycle (24h).
The Christmas bonus farming will be up until March 31st 2023 so everyone can complete and benefit from their collection. The earliest you start collecting, the more farm you'll get.
1.7% from the Viking, 2.1% from the Santa's Helper, 2.2% from the Santa for a total of +6% Global Farm Bonus
Complete all 7 slots for a extra +16% Collector Bonus, for a total of +30% Global Farm Bonus

The last 2022 token burning

🔥🔥Christmas sales are also contributing to MHT burning🔥🔥
  • For each Xmas Box sold: 250 MHT
  • For each Xmas collection completed: + 5,000 MHT
  • Per player who completes the collection: 250 per box X 7 characters + 5000 on completion = 6750 tokens BURNED.
Burning tokens decrease the total supply of MHT and therefore increase its value in the long term. This is the third of many upcoming MHT burning events that are planned to reduce the total supply of Mouse Haunt’s governance token. We are counting on you.
Where can I find the Xmas Collection?
These NFTs are available in Christmas Mouse Boxes or Christmas Ghost Boxes at from Dec 16th 2022, to January 6th 2023.
The drop rates for each outfit are the same for both boxes.

Traits and Synergies

Characters from Collections have traits and form synergies with other characters following regular synergy rules.
Christmas outfits are not identical to regular outfits, meaning that a Legendary Christmas Santa does not have outfit conflicts with a regular Legendary Santa for example.
For the Christmas 2022 Collection, the outfits and traits available are: