Mouse Haunt

Mouse Haunt: Tower Defense

2023 Release
As we develop our Lands, Castles and the castle editor where players can build levels themselves, we see it as a great opportunity to launch a new game within the Mouse Haunt Universe.
On early 2023, with the expanded games and NFTs (Mouse Heroes, Ghost Villains, Castles) from the already launched core game modes, we see a possible expansion into a Tower Defense game. Players will be able to acquire packs that contain Traps, Throwable Objects, Castle Tiles and even unique Bosses. Then, using the already built castle editor, we introduce a Tower Defense game, where users can - in realtime - send attackers to take down castles while they protect their own castles.
For the features of the game, we intend to create three different proposals and make use of the Mouse Haunt DAO to decide which way to go. We will build something engaging and fun, following our design pillars, with good game design, but also in line with what our community wants. The Mouse Haunt Universe has so many wonderful opportunities, and we want to pick the best ones with the help of the community.