Mouse Haunt

Castles and Land

Unreal Engine 5 Screenshot
In the Mouse Haunt Universe, players can acquire an NFT land and build their own Castles! This feature allows players not only to own a land that generates passive income but also to create a level in the game for all of the Mouse Haunt community to play in and enjoy.
A castle is a great addition to a player's possessions, as it provides $MHT to its owner every time another player attempts to complete it.
After buying a land, players have access to a castle builder mode where they can organize the layout of the castle map, set up traps and customize the look and feel of each room. Castle traps, environment props and even unique bosses can be acquired through asset packs giving you the chance to make your castle well protected, stylish and unique. When you’re done with your creation we’ll generate a level and include your awesome castle into the game maps, so all the other players can see your name as the owner of the castle and play the level.
The most murderous castles are the ones that generate more profit! The goal of the castle owner is to have a very high death ratio. Everyone can see who owns the castle and how many Mouse Heroes have died there. You can finally live your dream of becoming an evil ruler!
Haunted Woods

Castle Upgrades

Castle Upgrades are NFTs obtained by direct purchase or the Mouse Haunt marketplace.
Players can upgrade their castle to increase their Mouse Hero energy recharge rate, as the rodents love staying in the warmth of the Castle's tavern as they drink a cup of beer.
Castle owners can also buy packs for the castle editor game mode, where they will build the layout and the challenges for other players to play in.