Mouse Haunt

Ghost Gameplay

Ghost in-game screenshot. Wide camera, sees Mouse Heroes even off screen
The goal of the Ghost Players is to prevent any Mouse Hero from progressing further into the Castle.
They are able to freely move through walls, objects, and traps. Ghosts are invisible to the Mouse Heroes and can choose to possess any object within the castle.
Objects can be of two types, throwable objects and special traps. After possessing a throwable object, the ghost may move it around and charge a powerful throw. The longer an object is charged by the ghost, the furthest it’s launched and more damage it causes.
Traps keep the gameplay fresh an unpredictable - Ghost Players can activate fireplaces or furnaces to breath fire, they can possess wrecking balls to wreck havoc in the battlefield, activate suit of armors to swing their axes, and many more.
As developers, the quality of gameplay is very important to us and we don’t want to just launch NFTs without a direct gameplay reflection. For now we are focused on delivering an outstanding experience for the Mouse Heroes while maintaining a balanced and fun experience for all our players, we will keep the Ghost Gameplay standard. However we want to value the players that have the rarest NFTs, so for our alpha release the ghosts will get bonuses only due to the rarity of the Mouse Hero that died and became that ghost.
Playing as a ghost should feel just as rewarding and exciting as playing as one of the Mouse Heroes. After the initial launch, we intend to get community feedback and deliver unique and balanced Ghost Abilities during the development of our beta.