Mouse Haunt
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Castle Heist: Multiplayer

Mouse Heroes Abilities and Gameplay in Mouse Haunt: Castle Heist (PVP)
Mouse Hero in-game UI
Playing as a Mouse Hero, the player's goal is to reach the end of the castle where a stinky cheese and a chest filled with $MHT awaits them.
All the Mouse Heroes can shoot, dash and reload. However, each of them is unique as they may have different fur, hats, weapons, clothes, tail, ears, eyes, nose and teeth. This is not just aesthetic - their unique features are valuable for gameplay. The fur, hat and weapon of the Mouse Hero determines the playstyle and affects how the player uses them, making each Mouse a very different NFT in the battlefield.
Their rarity is very important, as it determines which abilities they have. Abilities can be Common, Rare, Epic or Legendary. We wanted to use abilities for the rarity feature because we want gameplay and player skill to be a major part of the reward system and earnings. Players that have Common Mouse Heroes can do really well in a match if they are good with the controls - for Legendary Mouse Heroes it will be easier, but the player will have to use their Legendary Ability in the right moment.

Personality Abilities: determined by their traits

Determines the balance of base stats like base health, base move speed, base damage and also their personality trait. A trait can be as simple as “aggressive” where they take more damage but deal more damage, or as complex as “pyromaniac”, where they take more damage from fire but have a random chance of shooting fire bullets.

Passive Abilities: determined by the Hat

Each Mouse Hero has a passive ability that is triggered by another action or event. Examples of passive abilities are increased move speed after taking a hit, gaining extra damage after reloading or deflecting damage when using the dash ability.

Active Abilities: determined by the Weapon

Each Mouse Hero has an active ability that is used by pressing a button. This ability has a cooldown and can greatly swing the odds of the battle. A few examples of active abilities are: revealing all ghosts for 5 seconds, increasing the move speed or damage by inspiring all nearby Mouse Heroes, creating a shield barrier, or sucking up ghosts with their weapons and stunning them for a couple seconds.