Mouse Haunt

Mouse Haunt

Play as friend AND foe in this kick-ass multiplayer game where death is not the end 🐭 🔃👻 👇Join our discord:
Mouse Haunt is a 3D isometric team based PVP game. There are two teams, the Mouse Heroes - trying to reach the Fragrant Cheese of Yore - and the Ghost Team, whose goal is to kill all the Mouse Heroes.
The Mouse Heroes shoot, dash and use special abilities while making their way through the haunted Castle. At the same time, the Ghost Team possess objects, activate traps and use their own ethereal abilities to try and kill the pesky rodents.
The twist comes when a mouse dies. It's not their end! They come back as Ghosts, switching teams on the go and swinging the odds of the battle. Now they have a new objective and earn their score by going against their former teammates!
Mouse Haunt is an innovative IP and an innovative company. We are here to create amazing games and empower players with the newest technology in the world. We are bridging the traditional gaming industry with powerful blockchain tools by creating a single universe where the two meet - Players can play and have fun without engaging with any blockchain systems, but they also have the option to play, have a ton of fun, truly own their assets as NFTs and earn real money while having a blast.
Mouse Haunt is made using Unreal Engine 5 and integrated with the BEP20 (Smart Chain) blockchain.

Check out the gameplay trailer!

Mouse Haunt is built to be fun to play first, since the game originated outside of the blockchain ecosystem with a very strong core game design that has been proved to amaze players. We gladly bring Mouse Haunt to the blockchain to implement true asset ownership and real earning possibilities. Unique Mouse Heroes, Ghost Villains, Castles, possessable objects and environmental Bosses fully owned by our players bring a lot of value, fun gameplay and replayability.
Mouse Haunt Universe has already started with the Lock and Load game mode - but this is far from everything. This Universe is growing fast, and the Castle Heist gameplay is just months away.
Many blockchain features have been developed in-house to support our player's needs and the team has proven their capacity to deliver high quality content in record time. We are developing a strong economy and we will be delivering multiple games and modes that are part of the Mouse Haunt Universe, enjoyed by millions, who will use the same Characters and NFTs for multiple games! That's right, here you can have fun and earn in a multitude of ways.
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